Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Small farming fun at Leegacy Farms!

Here at the Back to the Land Store we want to promote small sustainable homesteading and farming. We had the pleasure of visiting the Lee family at their homestead in middle TN, Leegacy Farm. 
They have been saving corn seed for several generations now and we had the privilege of having a day of corn shelling and boiling down maple sap into syrup. 

We used an antique corn sheller we brought, the best part about antiques is that they work right through the Cobb webs! This picture shows the boys getting it set up to shell. 
The Lee's had already gotten the fire going under the kettle's for the maple sap that Sam Turley had collected  from his maple trees. 
The lovingly named "Duck Duck" enjoyed the corn shelling as much as we did! 
The girls hitched up their cart pony to give all the kids rides around the farm. 

Boiling down the syrup

the boys getting started on the corn, they will be using this corn to make feed for their dairy cows and other livestock on the farm, and also for replanting for this years corn crop. 

The collection bowl under the sheller
The sheller in action!
The youngest man in the Lee clan giving a tired pony a pat. 
Their sign in front of their house honors their beloved late father Tom Lee, who's dream it was to have such a successful family homestead as this!  
....and the farm's dog Toby saying thanks for stopping by yall! 
Thanks for stopping by and having a look at our day! For more information on corn shelling contact us, we'd love to talk farming!

May the Lord richly bless,

Jesse Bolton
The Back to the Land Store

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