Thursday, August 8, 2013


 One Horse Mower $2500
 M Farmall $3900 / Horse and Tractor drawn manure spreader $3000 and down
 140 Farmall and an Oliver 2 pt plow $2900
 Gooseneck Trailer 35' electric hydraulic brakes $7500
 Used Windmill head (8'fan and tail bone) and 8' stubb $2900
 Used and New Harnesses for mules and horses $500 and up

We also have a 7' riding disc harrow, 4' riding disc harrow, buzz saw (belt driven), old wood burning cook stove that needs repair, chisel plow with 7 shanks, belt driven hammer mill with bagging attachment, and 8 different walking plows that we have rebuilt and painted.


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  3. Harrows are a type of agricultural machinery that has been used by now the Middle Ages disc harrow are upset subsequently than it comes to cultivating the soil previously crops are planted. The main advantage is that they can chop taking place soil that has been recently plowed and so eliminate clumps or clearly loosen the soil if it has been packed. In the adding taking place together, they were horse-drawn, but today they are usually towed after the tractor.If you are looking for disc harrows or supplementary subsidiary or used agricultural machinery for sale, mean the Internet.